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1. I Need To Operate A Boom Lift Over 11m

If you want to operate a boom lift over 11m you need to  attain your licence for boom lifts over 11m which is regulated by Worksafe Victoria. Although it doesn’t happen often – your employer or contractors may also want a VOC (Verification of Competency) to show currency  on a particular EWP.

2. How Do I Get My Forklift Licence?

To get your forklift licence you need to sit the forklift course. This is a two day course with a combination of written, practical and calculation assessments. Upon passing, you will be issued a Notice Of Assessment with which you need to apply for your Licence via Worksafe Victoria.

3. My Licence has lapsed - What Do I Do?

If your forklift, yellow card or boom lift over 11m licence has lapsed – you will unfortunately need to sit the full course again.

4. Do You Offer Onsite Training?

Yes! We would love to come to you. Check out our on-site training page for more info.

5. Do You Do VOC's

Yes! We do VOC courses. Check out our VOC page for more info.

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